Callum Moseley

NES Emulator

An emulator for the NES, capable of playing old games like Donkey Kong.

Rubik's Cube Solver

A 3D printed robot capable of solving a Rubik's cube in around 3 minutes.

Cube Clock

A simple Android app for timing Rubik's Cube solves, as well as providing random scrambles and statistics.

Organic Chemistry Simulator

A 3D web simulator for building and naming simple alkane molecules.


A lot of random small projects and experiments can be found on my Github!
Digital Fabrication

3D Printers

My adventures into 3D printer buliding.

Laser Cutting

Fun creations using an Epilog laser cutter at our makerspace.

Wooden Dodecahedron

A giant all wood, no fastener, dodecahedron that I designed for our makerspace to display at events.

Twisty Puzzles

Rubik's Cube like puzzles that I designed and had 3D printed.