Callum Moseley

Cube Clock

Simple Rubik's Cube timing app.


Back in 2013 when I made Cube Clock, I wanted to use a Rubik's Cube timing app on my phone, however every one that I found on the Play Store was either very clunky to use or would have a bunch of features I considered unnecessary. Other than that, I also just didn't like that they had ads and I didn't want to pay for an app. I was learning Android at the time, so I figured it would be a fun project to try to write my own, especially because it was an app that I wanted to use. A simple, effective timing app that was based on how I, as a cuber, wanted to use the timer.

Handling Solves

Something that I hadn't seen another app do well in my search was dealing with times that shouldn't be counted, such as those caused by accidentally starting the timer or if a solve is interrupted so you stop the timer. One app I found asked after every single time whether you wanted to count that time, which for normal usage is just annoying. For others, you would have to go into your log of times and specifically delete the time. Furthermore, deleting always required a confirmation prompt which further wastes your time. Even though it's still quick, I found it a pain just for making a small mis-tap on the timer. I wanted to be able to deal with these times directly after they happen, but without disrupting normal solves. To solve this I added a small back arrow in the top bar, which simply undoes the last time. Instead of having a prompt to confirm deleting, the arrow flips around to redo after clicking it. This way, mistake times can be easily handled, but ordinary solves won't accidentally be deleted. This is just a small feature that I put a lot of thought into because it improves the experience of working with the app.