Callum Moseley

Wooden Dodecahedron

A giant wooden dodecahedron for catching eyes at events


After building my small laser-cut acrylic dodecahedron, and seeing a wooden dodecahedron online, we got inspired to build something similar. Using some design ideas from what I had seen online, I designed all of the parts for the wooden dodecahedron. To test, we scaled it down to 1/6th size and laser-cut it out of MDF. The prototype fit together quite well, so we went on to run it on our CNC router.

Full Scale Model

We cut the model out on our CNC router from 3/4 inch plywood. Overall, the dodecahedron stands almost 12 feet tall and consists of almost 400 separate pieces, all cut on a CNC router, then sanded on a belt sander and treated to be waterproof. The assembly and takedown of the dodecahedron requires 4-5 people and several ladders and hammers. It has to be done on location because it is too large to be transported. More pictures are available here, and a timelapse assembly here.