Callum Moseley

Laser Cutting

Adventures in laser-cutting


After attending a session at our local makerspace on how to use the laser cutter, I started messing around with it and making some projects just to get better at using it. One of the first projects I made was a set of polyhedra, assembled without using any fasteners. They were designed in Solidworks, and cut out of acrylic on the Epilog laser cutter. There was a whole set of platonic solids, but unfortunately the cube broke (when I dropped it).

Geared Nameplate

When I attended SHAD at Memorial University of Newfoundland in 2016, we were required to make a nameplate to hang on our door. We were allowed to do anything that we wanted, as long as it would fit on the door. Around this time I was learning how to use the laser cutter, and so I wanted to try making something cool with laser cutting for my door plate. I designed the whole structure in Solidworks, using several different kinds of gears. There are 4 plates, of MDF and acrylic, that all stack up and bolt together. I was super happy with how it turned out, all the gears meshed together perfectly and were very satisfying to turn.