Callum Moseley

Twisty Puzzles

Various Rubik's cube like puzzles that I have designed

Hexaminx Crystal

This was one of the first puzzles I designed. I was originally inspired to try designing puzzles by the forums. Many people there were using Solidworks to design puzzles and having them 3D printed at, and I had some ideas for puzzles I wanted to try as well. This puzzle is based off the hexaminx, which is a megaminx (dodecahedral puzzle) in the shape of a cube (allowing it to make shapeshifting moves). The hexaminx existed, and the Master Heximate (based on a Master Pentultimate), but no one had made one for a Pyraminx Crystal. I designed the puzzle with Solidworks in 2012, and had it printed from Shapeways. It fit together nicely and overall turned out very well. I went on to sell several of them on Shapeways to other twisty puzzle enthusiasts. Hexaminx Crystal on

Subatomic Cube

The subatomic cube was designed and built around the same time as the Hexaminx Crystal. It is a very tiny 3x3 Rubik's Cube, measuring only 6mm across. At the time it was created, it was the world's smallest functioning Rubik's cube, beating the previous smallest of 8mm. It was also designed in Solidworks and printed at Shapeways in their ultra high detail material. This cube actually took two tries to get working properly, the first prototype had the centre pieces separate from the central core, however they were too small to be able to insert, and the broke too easily. For the second design, the entire mechanism of the puzzle printed together, with the rotating centre pieces already being attached into the core. While still fragile and hard to assemble, it was able to fit together and turn as a regular Rubik's cube would. This cube is actually no longer the world's smallest, as there is a 5.4mm cube. Subatomic Cube on

Micro Starminx

At this point I really liked making "micro" versions of puzzles, because it was a challenge to get working properly, and mostly because they were really cheap to print based on volume. After seeing and buying the Micro Master Pentultimate, I wanted to to make a similar puzzle, but based off the Starminx instead. Again I designed the puzzle in Solidworks and had it printed at Shapeways. It assembled fine and turned relatively well, however the main issue was that the tiny stickers wouldn't stay on. Micro Starminx on

Other Designs

I still have a number of random designs for puzzles that I just never had the time/money to get printed. I would like to revisit them at some point, but for now they are not a main focus to me.